The Savvy Consortium

New Product Development and Engineering Conference XXIV

Execution: Fuzzy Start – Design to Value – Flow to Production

Focus on Innovation, Customer Value, Agile Flow, and Finish

Thursday-Friday April 19-20, 2018

Hosted by: CA Technologies, Inc.

Lisle, IL


By our work, we product development engineering managers continually apply and advance science and technology for the profitable benefit of our customers, our company, our coworkers; and for the betterment of our economies and global customers and overseas colleagues.

The high-performance product engineering managers, presenting at this Savvy Conference, will present their agile design practices, visual work methods and problems solving practices. These resources aim to satisfy their customers, build engineering talent and grow the business.

Following the topics and speaker presentations, we feature the exclusive Savvy Consortium Benchmark Sessions. These sessions will make your product development work seem less difficult by seeing the best versions and standard practices of how others design, develop and launch new products.

Thursday, April 19

8:30 a.m.
Keynote Address: “Product Development and Engineering: Execution in the Growth Economy”
  • Peter Buca
  • Vice President Innovation
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation: Cleveland, OH
Peter Buca presents his Executive View of New Product Operations from Start to Production Ready.
Innovation Summit and Burst
  • Mike Shipulski
  • Vice President Advance Development
  • Hypertherm, Inc: Lebanon, NH
Immersing in Customer Needs, Problems and Practices is the driving center point for Innovation at Hypertherm. Mike presents and demonstrates the inputs and outputs, practices and tools of his unique innovation process.
1:00 p.m.
Agile Projects Enable Work Flow and Execution to the Finish
  • Gene Kania
  • Senior Director, Program Management: Mainframe Business Unit
  • CA Technologies: Lisle, IL
New Product Development and Engineering has become more customer focused and flexible from learning and applying software development beliefs, principles and practices. Gene Kania presents the practices and tools used at CA Technologies applying to software development.
3:00 p.m.
From Lab to Production: Commercialization in Global Cultures
  • Steven B. Heinecke
  • Division Scientist: 3M Critical and Chronic Care Solutions Division
  • 3M: St. Paul, MN
New Medical Products move from design to the lab and thence to production and commercialization with meticulous care. Steve Heinecke presents his customer centered 3M product development science/engineering experiences.

Friday, April 20

8:30 a.m.
Culture Enables Growth
  • Sheila Peyraud
  • Chief Technology Officer (ret.)
  • The Donaldson Company: Minneapolis, MN
Research and Development organizations are complex collaborations in which a great many people interact in a great many ways. Sheila Peyraud’s presents ways to understand and manage ‘success’ and ‘failure;’ value and non-value, ‘rules of collaboration’ and “how we treat each other”.
10:30 a.m.
Design Engineering Meets Manufacturing Engineering
  • Ken Kreafle
  • Managing Director
  • Toyota Engineering/Manufacturing TEMA
Toyota became famous for its production processes: The Toyota Production Process. Ken Kreafle will present his Toyota experiences as Chief Engineer, Toyota Vendor Production Director and the collaboration between design engineering and manufacturing engineering.
1:00 p.m.
Problem Seeker ---Problem Solver
  • Helen Park
  • Senior Vice President
  • WetDesign, Inc: Los Angeles, CA
Product development and engineering involves ‘first things first’. Helen Park presents her work experiences seeking the design problem before the problem-solving task. Helen also presents her research findings into what that it means to bring ‘value’ to the clients in Wet Design, Inc.
2:00 p.m.
Augmented Reality and 3D Systems: Low cost Design Review for Ramping up Production
  • Ron Cozad
  • AR Systems Development Engineering (ret.)
  • The Toro Company: Bloomington, MN
Ready for production is the product development engineers key task that brings success to the design project. Ron Cozad demonstrates an Augmented Reality & 3D system used for design reviews and preparation for production.
3:00 p.m.
Savvy Practices: The Way to Improve NPD Execution
  • Todd Stute
  • Director of Corporate Process Improvement
  • Western Digital Corporation: San Jose, CA
“Tasks seem less difficult to adapt when you see how others do them” is the Savvy Consortium premise for benchmarking best practices. Todd Stute facilitates the discussion of Savvy Practices presented by the Savvy Conference XXIV Presenters.


Design engineering managers, department heads, chief engineers, functional department engineers, product engineers/marketers, directors of product engineering, change management pilot leaders, product test engineering managers, process improvement managers, product engineering development team members and leaders, and all who are responsible for improving product innovation, product development and process improvement in their product engineering operations. The conference is not open to academics, consultants, authors or gurus.

Over 800 people have participated in Savvy conferences and learning events. They are design engineers, systems engineers, technical and scientific people; product development teams leaders, knowledge specialists, engineering departments heads, engineering support group leaders, continuous improvement managers, process excellence managers, talent build managers, knowledge system managers, and others whose mission is people development, process improvement and productivity increase.

Firms attending Savvy Sponsored Product Development Knowledge Events the partial list of firms below:

Toro, Eaton, Timken, Dana, Sauder, Medtronic, McDonalds, General Mills, TSI, Goodyear, Cooper, Amano Pioneer, Diebold, John Deere, Pella, Genie, Pella, Schram, Cabot, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, Nexen, Masonite, Steris/US Endoscopy, Inovonics, UTAS Aerospace, Wil-burt, Cabot Electronics, Cooper, CNH, GE Medical, Crown, Keithley, Knowles, Parker, Actuant, Deluxe, Tennant, Henny Penny, 3M, Shram, Diamond, Emerson, Terex, Ditch Witch, Waterous, HGST, RT technologies, Altec, Toyota, Saris, Andersen, Wet Design, Sub Zero, Harley Davidson, Autobag, CA Companies, Beckman Coulter, Donaldson, Seagate and participants from many other manufacturers that are implementing continuous improvement in their product design engineering organizations.

SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 19-20, 2018

Savvy Conference XXIV

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