The Savvy Consortium

New Product Development and Engineering Conference XXV

Agile and Innovative Design Engineering Productivity 

Essential Practices and Standard Tools for the Growing Markets

Thursday-Friday September 13-14, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

This Savvy Consortium Conference XXV is about agile and flexible product development and engineering operating people and systems. Knowledge based NPD&E systems flex with increased market demand, project scope creep and resources scarcity. Their people operate in Agile teams. Their culture is collaborative and well led. Their NPD project teams generate a high work vitality needed to solve problems and create customer value.

At the highest economic level, they are advancing science and technology for the good of their customers, the market place and their own professional growth as product design engineers.

Speakers at this Savvy Consortium Conference XXV manage product development and engineering organizations. They are members of the savvy smart community that learns from each other’s’ experiences and good practices. They present and show their experiences applying agile project practices, problem solving, and flexible methods. These practices and methods produce differentiated product designs while simultaneously building engineers’ personal talents and professional technical knowledge. The NPD process problem solving is bottoms up which greatly enables development team’s productivity. Value added tools and visual management practices are immersed and made visual in this Savvy Conference XXV.

Benchmarking NPD&E Operations Practices is the unique value premise of Savvy Conference XXV. “Tasks appear less difficult to us once we see how others do them.”

The presentations, interactives and discussions enable the conference participants to see alternate solutions to their people challenges and process scenarios. This conference enables participants to set priorities for aligning and improving their own R&D, NPD&E /NPI operations. You will see coherent and systematic processes align with customer focused, value adding new product development, and project management methods.

Gated, Agile, Flexible NPI Processes While ‘knowledge based’ product development systems as presented in this Conference, are sufficient for most product engineering operation, they are not the only successful NPD&E process. Where applied in a collaborative culture of talented teams, knowledge based processes optimize engineers’ talents for product differentiation, technical talent building and value-added flow.

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