Thursday, September 13

Successfully Managing Through Culture and Management Changes
  • Rick Bauer
  • Director, Media Qualification
  • Corporate Technology | Technology Services
  • Donaldson Company, Inc. 
How do you yourself manage to grow and develop during the changes in culture and management? Rick Bauer presents his standard principles for navigating the plethora of changes that most engineering managers experience in today’s work environment. He describes two different cultures in which he developed his competences. He compares and contrasts three executive managers and their radically different styles. His beliefs principles and practices enabled Rick to continuously improve his own performance and the people he collaborated with.
Productivity: (f) of NPD Team Members’ Talents
  • Fred Hrdlcka
  • Director of Continuous Improvement
  • Pella Corporation
What are the driving components of team productivity? How is personal talent important? What about collaboration skills? Team Leadership? Fred Hrdlcka describes the beliefs, methods and practices that high performance teams use at Pella.
Product Design Focused Innovation” at the Customer User Point of Interest
  • Bryan Flood
  • Director of Engineering
  • Hydra-Flex Corp.
What are the driving components your product system’s design? Your value proposition and how it captures market share? Your product design and how you protect the components with black art and patent aggressiveness? Bryan Flood will describe how he managers the robust growth of Hydra Flex systems and simultaneously defends their product design architecture that garners increasing numbers of customers and their loyalty.
Product Risk: Where Safety Challenges Engineering Design
  • David Gregor
  • Director of Corporate Safety and Reliability System Engineering
  • Case New Holland
Where are the risk factors in your new product design? What about the Customer User Level of Risk? Where must your robust design practices focus? David Gregor describes the product design engineering risk arenas which are the highest cost potential for product design engineering at many hardware manufacturers.