Thursday, April 25

9:00 a.m.
Product Development Engineering for Customer Assets Utilization
  • Justin Clarine
  • Vice President – Engineering
  • Loram Corporation
New Product Development generates growth for the company and the customers and markets served. Justin Clarine presents a high level, strategic view of business growth elements that focuses on developing new products for large customers that have large assets. Economic utilization of customer assets is vital. Justin Clarine describes the challenges experienced as Loram expands from Services to Products. Justine presents this dynamic model of developing new products for customers already satisfied be Loram’s Services of speed, performance and reliability. This presentation demonstrates valuable insights for new product design engineering that focuses on improving Customer’s Assets Utilization/Efficiency. 
10:45 a.m.
Functional Engineering and Value Streaming Intersection at the Matrix
  • Ken Bonenberger
  • Sr. Program Manager
  • STERIS Corporation | Surgical Solutions
Knowledge workers in product design and development engineering depend on well-organized operations that enable lean innovation and agile processes that focus on customer value interests. Ken Bonenberger will describe a NPD&E paradigm for organizing innovation and customer focus called the Value Stream Matrix. This matrix comprises engineering functions and value streams. It poses Opportunities for operational excellence and innovation. It simultaneously gives rise to Challenges and Constraints for knowledge worker Collaboration. Ken Bonenberger presents the VS Matrix system elements. This is a bench mark discussion of the pros/cons, drivers/constraints inherent in adapting a value stream matrix system and its elements.
1:00 p.m.
Knowledge: the Basis for Successful New Product Development
  • Paul Kurth
  • Knowledge Based Product Development Leader (ret)
  • The Toro Company

Achieving growth in competitive markets requires technology and engineering knowledge creation and flow in the product development and engineering operations at Toro. Paul Kurth describes the early challenges Toro faced from lean principles that did not produce critical knowledge at the design engineering level. Paul demonstrates how A3 thinking produced a new, high level ‘body of work’ from design engineers. Critical knowledge resulted that improved new product quality, customer satisfying differentiation and engineering worker satisfaction. Paul will demonstrate tools, A3 thinking, AR-VR visualization. He demonstrates the powerful effect of tools that raised engineers’ engagement, passion for their work, and talent building for knowledge generation and value flow that raised customer interests and satisfaction levels.
2:00 p.m.
Challenges Seeking Savvy Practices: A Collaborative Discussion of Participating Conference Engineers
  • Todd Stute
  • Director: Corporate Process Excellence
  • Western Digital Corporation

Engagement, Teamwork and Motivation: Collaboration Session • How can I keep a very overworked engineering staff engaged and motivated? • How do I engage millennials? • How do I create enthusiasm in our sales/marketing departments to provide useful VOC $ economics? • How do I improve teamwork in a group that does not communicate well? • How do you facilitate and/or encourage creative thinking and idea generation? • How do you deal with upper management who may not seem to be interested in opposing views?
3:00 p.m.
Presentation and Tour of Case New Holland Engineering Operations
  • Gary Kassen
  • Director of Engineering
  • Case New Holland
Tour includes: Test Stands Creates Knowledge Cycles, AR 3D Reduces Design Cycles, Case New Holland’s Legacy Products Display