3:45 p.m.
Customer Users and Product Usability: Where Value Creation Starts
  • Speaker TBA
What do engineers know about the actual use of the products they design? What do they know about the customer users’ interaction with products. Are use instructions clear, intuitive and coherent? What about use environment: current knowledge of the use environment, user error, space where new products really used, how used? Safety, reliability, ergonomics, efficient use, risks, and more. How does the design engineer User and Usability in a systematic way? So many elements of the user interface system made Visual: people, tasks, touch, line of sight, equipment, lighting, light, air, air flow, efficiency Are Usability Elements important for creating the new product design value and its value to the customer? This presentation demonstrates visually, conceptually and describes practically the elements of customer use that design engineers need to identify and solve problems, design product functions and thereby differentiate their products that satisfy customers. NOTE: “Hey there, Engineer, you are not the user!”