The New Certainties:  Understanding Multi-Cultural Collaboration
  • Deborah Savage Percic, Ph.D.
  • Clinical Professor of Philosophy/Theology/Executive MBA
  • University of St. Thomas
Intel Corporation’s San Francisco clean room operations comprise people with diverse cultural backgrounds, character traits and attitudes toward work. A promotion to clean room supervision required Dr. Deborah Savage to discover that she needed to think more deeply and decide more intelligently about these cultures and character traits of Asian, European and American workers.  She applied her learnings, and soon the workers’ outputs were off the charts.   After several years of successful clean room management, both Intel and her later employer, Honeywell promoted Deborah to develop principles and practices for managing people of different cultures and characters in their operations.  Deborah Savage will describe her key learnings and experiences about culture, character and work attitudes. Deborah will show how the experience led her to a deep study of the beliefs and precepts that drive people of diverse cultures and characters. Her management experiences and insightful understanding of how these different people view work, collaboration and economics will enable directors, managers, and team leaders in their efforts to direct cross functional and cross culture knowledge workers at high standards.  Dr. Savage will include her findings and views on China based operations.