High Performance VOC Essentials in B2B Product Development Process
  • Margot Beesley
  • B2B Marketing and New Product Development
  • HC Companies

The primary unknown on the fuzzy front end of Product Development is clearly understanding and articulating what customers want: their desired outcomes, the problems they’re trying to solve and the work they’re trying to do. Effective customer interaction to learn their practices and their expectations is critical to a successful project start up and contributes massive value to Learning Cycles throughout the NPD Process. Margot Beesley will detail her experiences and show how to capture that information, how to engage true listening and probing skills, and how to let the customer identify what features/attributes are MOST critical. This knowledge can be used throughout the development process to keep projects on track (preventing scope creep) as well as throughout customer interaction touch points. Margot will engage the audience in an interactive that will improve engineering customer visits, enable highly productive engineering work and focus on value to the customer, in their own words.