User-Interface Design Study: Rapid Prototyping for Rapid Learning Cycles

  • Damon Jurkiewicz, Senior Industrial Designer
  • Dana Debelak, Industrial Designer
  • Nicole Hollopter, Director of Human Factors
  • Steris/US Endoscopy
Steris designs high performance mechanisms for the healthcare/surgical industry. Early adopters of set based design concurrent engineering practices, the Steris design team adapted set based design principles to allow for rapid prototyping in order to employ “fail fast, fail early” thinking as a way to reduce learning cycles. Damon, Dana and Nicole will show their methods and engage participants in a user study, thus modeling their thinking and practices. Their methods for engaging engineers to develop alternative and creative design solutions to customer problems will strike a chord with product engineering managers in a variety of industries who are attempting to pilot the ‘best versions’ of this thinking/practice in their design operations.