About Savvy Consortium

Savvy Consortium Mission

Product innovation and product development engineering managers simultaneously develop individual engineering/scientific talent and build collaborative cross functional teams that:

1. Design high quality new products that satisfy customer value expectations,

2. Integrate useful technology into innovative product designs,

3. Meet short time-to-market schedules.

Savvy Group of Experienced Product Development Leaders

Savvy produces semi-annual product development and innovation conferences in Minneapolis and Chicago. Savvy Conferences feature speakers that demonstrate how they adapt knowledge based product development practices. These practices simplify product development while building engineering talent and developing collaborative cross functional teams.

Between product development conferences, Savvy Consortium members meet regularly to more deeply discuss their experiences, share resources, and help progress in the practices of management.

Savvy members Bob Melvin and Steve Zielinski have self-published practical management books on knowledge based product development practices they use. They can be contacted via email at the following addresses:

To learn more about Savvy Consortium members and Savvy Leaders group, use the Savvy “Contact Us” form.