12:45 p.m.
Customer Requirements: Opportunity for Simple, Smart Design ‘Engine’ that Drives Customized Machinery Operations
  • Kevin Weiss
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Delkor Systems, Inc.
Customer requirements at high demand levels created many opportunities for Delkor to simplify its manufacturing operations. Kevin Weiss presents his ‘Delkor Core Products Program”. Delkor has evolved operations comprised of simply ‘machines on hand’ to several, redundant layers of machine and component availability which produces increasing product volume. The impacts are many: the value to customers by having machines readily available is a considerable benefit. Kevin will demonstrate how and why the operating efficiencies reduce waste and simultaneously gain output from building in subassemblies. In addition, the purchase costs resulting from buying in volume generate better product margins. Simultaneously, Kevin is implementing a CPQ (configure-price-quote) system that integrates seamlessly Delkor’s operations. This system increases product volume, reduces customization and increases quoting automation. Additionally, CPQ impacts a variety of work tasks: it reduces lead times and the number of revisions, it minimizes quoting errors and stops the duplication of work while better qualifying sales opportunities. Improving ways to better address customer requirements with reduced time to produce at lower cost and shortened time to shipment generates work and takes time. Kevin will demonstrate this system and the maturity level (80%) of this ’transformational engine’ which generates Delkor’s profitable flow through this pipeline of standard products.