Friday, April 24

Design and Operations Improvement Through a Vendor Crisis

  • Rick Bauer
  • Director, Media Qualification
  • Corporate Technology Services
  • Janelle Hampton
  • Engineering Manager
  • Donaldson Company, Inc.

Manufacturing firms depend on their vendors. What happens when a key vendor experiences production problems? The customer, a manufacturing operation, struggles to meet schedules. Such is the experience of Rick Bauer and Janelle Hampton at Donaldson. They describe a major problem: availability of materials from a single source supplier. They collaborated to redesign their processes. They involved their colleagues in multiple functions to successfully solve unknowns, risks and glitches created by the supply loss. Their practical experiences, especially regarding interactions with a variety of people who react and respond differently to crises, is a valuable lesson in the current climate of unforeseen operational disruptions.
Engineers Adapt ‘Work Virtue Based’ beliefs to Serve Customers

  • Paul LeMay
  • Division Engineering Manager
  • Quick Coupling Division
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation

Many new products were designed, developed and produced by the engineering collaborators at Parker Quick Coupling Division. During the year of this effort, Parker engineers and their managers learned ways to improve their work and build integrity in their collaboration with each other and with customers. Paul LeMay presents his experiences and the outcomes of this work culture adapting the work integrity virtues such as ‘trust, courage, and wise thinking’ (wisdom).
Understand the Risks at the Front End of New Technology Product Design
  • David Gregor
  • Director of Reliance and Quality
  • Agriculture and Industrial Products Operations
  • Case New Holland

Emerging technologies generate a variety risks, often not visible, at the fuzzy front end of a product development project. Risks are surrounded by uncertainty. They are usually hidden or latent. And yet they are important to discover. David Gregor will present live projects and their essential challenges with emerging technologies. He demonstrates risks and tools he uses to help CNH engineers assess risk and design accordingly.