The Savvy Consortium's

New Product Development & Innovation Engineering Conference XXVIII

New Product Development and Innovation Engineering

Performance Excellence

Thursday-Friday April 23-24, 2020

Cleveland, OH

The Savvy Consortium produces its 28th New Product Development and Innovation Engineering Conference for the PD & engineering managers’ community.  This Conference is the knowledge rich event of 2020. It is all about the daily work of product development engineering people, processes, tools and practical methods; from start up to the production and launch of customer-satisfying products.

The Savvy Conference Speakers are New Product Development and Engineering manager leaders who present their experiences with processes, tools, collaboration methods and operating principles to ‘get the work done’. They demonstrate how they improve their engineers’ talents, prioritize their projects and improve their work flow; at the development team, engineering support and management levels.  They emphasize the flow of innovation and the knowledge work that delivers value to their customers, without delays. 

Savvy Conference engineer presenters provide you valuable deliverables:  visual tools and how they use them.  They equip you to show/demo them with your design engineers.  These Savvy Product Development Conference demonstrations provide unique, practical learning.  Savvy Conferences feature product development and engineering managers only; no gurus, consultants and authors who distract you with their interests.

The Savvy Consortium emphasizes the “strategic good work” of new product development and innovation engineering people. What is this ‘strategic good work’?  Simply stated: “by our work, we put bread on the table and continually advance science and technology for the betterment of mankind (customers, markets, and technical knowledge workers).”

Hear, see and interact with these product development engineering manager speakers and re-energize your organization to build better work cultures, to adapt useful methods and to collaborate with customers in the “strategic good work” of new product development.

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