8:30 a.m.
A Healthy Culture is the Co-efficient of Innovation
  • Sheila Peyraud
  • Chief Technology Officer (ret.)
  • The Donaldson Company: Minneapolis, MN
The Current Passion for Economic Growth is a Call for Innovation.  New Product Development and Engineering managers, teams and executives in many companies may have lost some ground.  Often caused by project pressures, making impossible schedules, poorly led cultures.    The time to get healthy and 'make it happen’ is now.  Sheila Peyraud presents her practical experiences in transforming a R&D work culture into an Innovation Culture.  She recounts her experiences enabling engineers to solve problems, failures are good for learning.  The human side of technical reviews, acknowledging people and their personal contributions, are just a few essentials of the healthy culture. Sheila will provide from her experiences a wide range of healthy human work culture behaviors.  These behaviors, team, functional management and executive level enable people to innovate and experience work satisfaction.  Healthy Innovation Culture is essential; it drives innovation, economic growth and work satisfaction.  Conference participants can experiment and adapt what works based in Sheila Peyraud’s beliefs, principles and practices.