The Savvy Consortium

New Product Development and Engineering Conference XXIV

Execution: Fuzzy Start – Design to Value – Flow to Production

Focus on Innovation, Customer Value, Agile Flow, and Finish

Thursday-Friday April 19-20, 2018

Hosted by: CA Technologies, Inc.

Lisle, IL


By our work, we product development engineering managers continually apply and advance science and technology for the profitable benefit of our customers, our company, our coworkers; and for the betterment of our economies and global customers and overseas colleagues.

The high-performance product engineering managers, presenting at this Savvy Conference, will present their agile design practices, visual work methods and problems solving practices. These resources aim to satisfy their customers, build engineering talent and grow the business.

Following the topics and speaker presentations, we feature the exclusive Savvy Consortium Benchmark Sessions. These sessions will make your product development work seem less difficult by seeing the best versions and standard practices of how others design, develop and launch new products.