1:00 p.m.
Design Problem: Solving the Right Problem
  • Helen Park
  • Project Manager
  • WetDesign, Inc: Los Angeles, CA
Complex product designs required design problem solving at several levels of the product systems architecture. Some call it the Kentou Phase his requires a team of people with expertise and passion to learn the design unknowns.    Helen Park calls this “Discovery Work.”  Helen presents her experiences at WetDesign in the Team Learning Culture which embodies this Discovery Work. The team challenges are many and familiar:  customer wants “Brilliant and Beautiful’ Fountain.  The design project has impossible deadlines, scope creep, resources constraints, and a chaotic culture of interpersonal dynamics.   Helen discovered the solution to these constraints is in finding the right problems often unseen.  She will describe developing the right solutions and involving the team members in the right interactions.  These tasks enable prompt decisions, innovative collaboration and satisfying work that moves the project to design to successful completion. Helen Park’s “Discovery Work’ is the key component to product design and development work.  Discovery Work should enable development teams to collaborate better and with higher work satisfaction.