The Savvy Consortium

Product Development and Engineering Conference XXV

Agile and Innovative Design Engineering Productivity 

Essential Practices and Standard Tools for the Growing Markets

Thursday-Friday September 13-14, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

Savvy NPD&E Conference XXV presents product development engineering managers engaged in improving their people, processes, tools and methods for growing their businesses. The theme is “continuously improving science and technology for the betterment of customers.”

Technology includes technology of the internet, technology of safety/reliability, knowledge generation technology and much more.

Customer Betterment” includes product safety, reliability, functional value and fit in the environment

Benefit to the Employees: work satisfaction, multi-functional collaboration, interaction with talented people, and challenging, problem solving work. 

The Savvy motto: “Tasks seem less difficult when you see others successfully doing them.” The Savvy speakers demonstrate how they do things so that others can confidently learn and adapt improved processes and practices. 

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