3:45 p.m.
Crisis Project Management
  • Rick Bauer
  • Director, Media Qualification
  • Corporate Technology | Technology Services
  • Donaldson Company, Inc. 
Maintaining a constant and reliable flow of raw materials to a production process is critical for business success. Concepts like Just-in-time Manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing sometimes leave little room for error. So, what happens when a raw material supply is threatened or is cut off unexpectedly? What about no back-up or buffer stock? A Crisis. Management must act. Managing crisis projects is a new, critical skill that companies must develop to survive. Having dual sourcing or dual supply for all raw materials is nearly impossible. Reacting to crises and responding effectively may be the next best alternative. Rick Bauer describes crisis project management at Donaldson Company. Rick presents the approach to project management that has been developed which differs somewhat from traditional projects. Rich engages the conference participants in their crisis management experiences. This enables comparisons of decision tools, skilled engaged people and their contributions to fully or not so fully resolve the crisis.