1:00 p.m.
Product Safety/Reliability Risks Requires Engineering Talent
  • David Gregor
  • AGPV Functional Safety/Compliance Manager
  • Case New Holland
Increasing customer demands drive innovative products to increase function. Emerging technologies enable product function differentiation. So Complexity has increased beyond many of our expectations. Today’s product design engineer must develop autonomy and smart systems with a precision not required in the past. The last four years David has participated in Autonomous Vehicle design and focused on the inherent safety risks. He will show integrating Functional Safety, a relatively new concept to most engineers, into product design and development processes that result in products that are safer and more reliable. Functional Safety is a requirement of all electronically controlled systems. David will show the tradeoffs between design risk, machine performance and customer expectations. Safety must be designed into the system from the beginning. Mitigation of risk is paramount to financial success.