The Savvy Consortium's

New Product Development & Engineering Conference XXVI

Usability, Agile, Lean, Innovation, Time to Market, & Value

Wednesday-Thursday April 24-25, 2019

CNH Industrial

Chicago, IL

Emerging Technology and Product Development Engineering that addresses customers’ wants, needs, problems and practices happens only through the engineering people working collaboratively. 

The Strategy: “…by our Work, we continually advance Science and Technology for the Betterment of Mankind (customers)…” 

Purpose of Improving this Work:

+ to augment real improvements in solving problems,

+ collaborative learning and understanding customer Usage economics,

+ understanding valuable/critical knowledge generation and flow,

+ focusing on  customer value in their work flow,

+ prioritize ‘time based’ resources that generate $ revenue at launch.

This Savvy Conference centers on the people that enable this strategy and make the “body of work” successful.  People and individuals.  Principles, processes and tools are vital, but people and teams do the tasks. 

This Savvy Conference uniquely conveys valuable learning. Learning is a function of beliefs, principles and practices. Seeing how others’ practices, noticing their enthusiasm, how they are engaged, and their economic language is vital for all NPD&E people.

Seeing the speakers practices and their process economics is convincing.

Speakers are engineering managers themselves engage in leading passionate  technical  knowledge people , are passionate in problem solving , and enthusiastic in collaborating with customers, end users, and economic users.

Some of the processes, practices, tools and methods presented, demonstrated and practiced at this Savvy Conference include:  Economics language, People centered work,  Customer USE and Interests, Emerging Technologies, Collaborating Design Engineers,  Smooth Flow Processes and "Customer Interest Satisfied”.