Complex Product Design and Operations Development: DEV-OPS
  • Gene Kania
  • Director of Program Management
  • Broadcom, Incorporated (Chicago)
Complex Product design engineering is successful when the new product is manufacturable in assembly operations. The first step is to map out the tasks from start to finish and includes a visual of the stream of knowns/unknowns, risks and solutions, and the possible waste efforts/useless knowledge that the development team will have to address (both by design engineers and manufacturing engineers). Gene Kania presents the ‘back to fundamentals’ process tasks and people involvement in solving the problems, converting unknowns into knowns while simultaneously making the value building flow from design to assembly. Gene will present the key driver for this process: the executive leader who expects the collaborative work to be done at the operating level. The result: a waste free, smooth flow DEV-OPS problem solving, people respecting system delivering customer-satisfying, differentiated product systems.