Visual Management Transformation: Breaking down the walls when scaling your Lean/Agile system
  • Chad Mitchell
  • Manager, HDD R/W Channel Integration
  • iObeya VVM WDC Business Owner
  • HDD RSS Clarity Champion
  • Western Digital
Transforming the human interaction processes, collaboration and co-operation, in multi-location cross functional development teams requires savvy observation and intelligent diagnostics. Chad Mitchell will present his experiences designing and using iObeya for Lean/Agile teams. He will show how the complementing hardware system can work together with iObeya to create team interactions that virtualize the physical obeya room.  He will demonstrate the setup for SAFe agile release trains (ARTs) and scrum rooms that enable the engineers to verbally/visually interact with each other in daily stand-up meetings, retrospectives, and PI planning.  He can demonstrate the connectivity with the Jira database that create a complementary set of tools to improve the overall flow of information.  The impact?  Most companies do not have the luxury of being co-located for R&D. This solution is meant to break down the physical walls and close the time zones between the teams without giving up human interaction that is essential to successful teams.